During the spring 2008 we started Atalante TV with clips from every performance. During the Autumn we haven't had the time to really follow up. But here is a start. We recommend external speakers or headphones to get the sound all right. You got to have Flash installed. Works best with Firefox. The performances are filmed by Niklas Ryden or Robert Eklund.

Skuggutredningen | 17 november 2008

Skuggutredningen, or the shadow report, is a civil initiative from some artists in Stockholm. A national report on cultural politics in the future is to be presented in 2009. The artists decided to collect suggestions from the artists working professionally with culture. The result is 317 pages of engaged text. Some of these texts were presented at Atalante by different actors. Together with a house band, singers and guest artists it formed an Cabaret of more than 4 hours length. The band, Atalantes Under my Skin was Stefan Bergman bass, Magnus Boqvist drums, Tommy Olsson guitar, Uncas Rydén guitar and song, Jonny Enqvist sax and Niklas Rydén piano. Primadonna was Curly Lou, Clara Gustavsson. The arrangement was a cooperation between Atalante, Teater Kurage and aktÖr & vänner. Everything was filmed by Beata Rydén. Read more at Skuggutredningen.

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Flimmer | SuperMarit | 10 december 2008

Flimmer is Atalantes forum for Computer Games. This time the theme was Gender Questions in Computer games. Lisa Lindell and Marie Bravinger talked about their research in the field, and their project SuperMarit. The audience showed as always on Flimmer a big will to talk about issues about gaming. Many people are playing Computer Games, but where can you talk about related issues? Afterwards Atalante Game Orchestra played songs from Final Fantasy, Zelda, Chronotrigger and other games. This time with Hannes Ryden, Uncas Ryden and Niklas Ryden.

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